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"DEC" is a private high-tech enterprise specialized in research, development, production and sales of semiconductor devices such as diodes and rectification Bridges. The company is located in shenzhen, an important high-tech and manufacturing base in China, adjacent to Hong Kong, Macao and guangzhou, with convenient transportation and advanced technology. Production base is located in jiangxi gannan, jiangxi Soviet area red revolution of ganzhou anyuan county BanShi Town industrial park, gannan navel orange and orange hometown, the world famous in the world, here a pleasant climate, rich products, also known as the kingdom of rare earths.

Company products mainly include Ordinary rectifier diodes, Fast recovery rectifiers (FR), High efficiency diodes HER series, Ultra-fast diodes UF, SF, MUR series, Schottky diodes (SKY), Transient suppression diodes (TVS) P6KE, 1.5KE series, TV monitor diodes...